More than 15 years ago, before anyone believed it was possible, our founding partners created a four-person start-up to transform China into a world-class R&D power house.  Now, WuXi AppTec helps over 3,000 leading life science companies to develop some of the most transformative therapies in the world.  

With the same vision and determination, WuXi Healthcare Ventures identifies and partners with the most ambitious life science entrepreneurs around the world.

We continue to leverage the experience, the talent, and the resources of our founding partners to provide our portfolio companies with the competitive advantage needed to build, grow, and scale world-class life science companies.

While we invest in bold life science companies of any sector and stage, we focus on:

Building companies in China - leveraging our world-class technology platform

Our relationship with WuXi AppTec provides our portfolio companies with unparalleled access to WuXi's world-class technology platform.  Our operational experience, R&D capabilities, and industry relationships significantly lower the barriers for company formation for both first-time and experienced healthcare entrepreneurs.

Investing in early-stage, transformative life science companies in the U.S.

We have over 15 years of experience partnering with the most innovative and impactful life science companies in the world. Our unique insight in science and deep industry connections allow us to identify and add value to the most promising and innovative companies all over the world.