WuXi Healthcare Ventures Appoints Renowned Life Science Entrepreneur, Gregory Verdine, Ph.D. as newest Venture Partner

We are pleased to announce that Gregory Verdine, Ph.D., Erving Professor at Harvard University and Harvard Medical School Professor and serial entrepreneur, has joined WuXi Healthcare Ventures (WXHV) as newest Venture Partner.

Dr. Verdine has made numerous important contributions in the translation of bench science to the bedside and has founded, or co-founded, multiple successful biotechnology companies including: Enanta Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq ENTA), Gloucester Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Celgene), Tokai Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq TKAI), WaVe Life Sciences (Nasdaq WVE), Eleven Biotherapeutics (Nasdaq EBIO), Warp Drive Bio, Aileron Therapeutics, and FogPharma.  He also co-founded the non-profit Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute and Gloucester Biotechnology Academy.


WuXi Healthcare Ventures Joins Financing Rounds for Twist Bioscience and Syros Pharmaceuticals

SHANGHAI and CAMBRIDGE, MA, January 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- -- WuXi Healthcare Ventures (WXHV) announced today that it has joined a $61 million financing round for Twist Bioscience and a $40 million financing round for Syros Pharmaceuticals.


Twist Bioscience has developed an automated semiconductor-based synthetic gene manufacturing process featuring a 10,000-well silicon platformcapable of producing synthetic biology tools, including genes, oligonucleotide pools, and variant libraries.  By synthesizing DNA on silicon instead of on traditional 96-well plastic plates, this platform enables cost-effective, rapid, high-quality, and high-throughput synthetic gene production and overcomes the current inefficiencies of synthetic DNA production.  The Twist platform has the potential to accelerate the application of DNA synthesis in drug development, biofuel and chemical production, agriculture production, biodetection, and data storage.  Since its founding in 2013, Twist has raised $133 million in equity and $20 million in debt.  WXHV initially invested in Twist’s Series B financing in May 2014.